April 12th, 2009, 6:47 am

This is not an Easter update. Just regular type.

I promised myself I would do a new comic today. Then my sister-in-law came over, and she and my sister and her boyfriend and I all decided to go out to IHOP together, and then we ended up spending the rest of the day at my bro's place watching movies, so when I came home I went and stayed up late just to deliver a new comic. Don't I treat you nice?

It was a good long while ago now that I gave praise to Kirbaroonie's now-long-finished comic, Hot Chocolate, quite a cute and adventurous story I still recommend reading. But what I didn't know at the time was the Kirb is a bit of an addict of comic-making and works on multiple ones at a time, many of them she doesn't even bother taking to SmackJeeves. So, I'm not 100% how long another fine comic of hers, The Somewhere-Other, has been in existence, but it's another extremely charming and mysterious tale. It centers around a pair of siblings who have fallen into the Somewhere-Other, a land of opposites and phenoms that robs the two of their memories and sensibilities. With the help of kind strangers, they adapt to the Somewhere-Other, but begin to serendipitously fall into the path of what's sure to be a harrowing adventure of terror, fancy and emprise. Read it. It's good.

See you next time.

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