January 4th, 2009, 12:51 am

Some Second Year, Huh?

So seeing as I'm finally updating again (I make no excuses) I looked into what the problem was with the background not being up. Turns out that back when I was still working with my good pal Chris to make the layout more code-friendly after I first updated it to what it is today, he hosted the background on his Photobucket. So, I suppose he must've deleted it without realizing it was still linked to the site. The background is now hosted on my Photobucket, and trust me, I never delete anything.

The comic I'm going to praise today isn't really a comic, and isn't even a part of SmackJeeves, but deserves attention from the world all the same. It's an artist by the name of Anthony, aka Nedroid (find him at www.nedroid.com or nedroidcomics.livejournal.com, and look for comments by yours truly) whose hilarious and beautiful creations I had seen all around the internet even before I stumbled upon him several months ago. He's extremely gifted both with a pen and with humor, brilliantly illustrating his daily(ish) non-sequiturs into comics, sketches, and paintings. One of his most beloved creations is Beartato, a half-bear half-potato (I swear to god it's more complicated than that), who, with his friend Reginald, has all sorts of adorable and hilarious adventures. It's a spectacle that must be seen to be understood, really.

Also check out his good friend and fellow artist Emmy, who's been doing a lot of awesome work in conjunction with Nedroid lately. I really should be giving her more individual attention, too, but the stuff she and Nedroid do together is fantastic.


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