July 25th, 2008, 6:05 am

Beginning Year Two

Didn't mean to leave you hanging so long for once, the time just kinda got away from me. Sorry. Part of it is that I finally got my PlayOnline ID back (I lost it and had been battling with tech support to get it back, since they protect it for security reasons), meaning I can play FFXI again. I was never an obsessive player, so no worries about never seeing new Linko Man again, but it is a little bit of a time sink.

I've been a bit outta luck on the comics I planned to praise. I had three or four lined up, but they all stopped updating! This time, I've got one I recently found, called Under the Bed, by warupa.

I don't have too much to say about it because not a whole lot has happened. What we know so far is that a meek and easily excited boy named Todd is reached out to by a gruesome but friendly monster under his bed named Romo, who explains that other monsters have been preying on children by exploiting their worst fears. It's quite a mysterious story so far, one that has shown itself capable of being very serious as well as light-hearted, and I suspect that warupa has some devilish twists in store. After all, who is Romo? Why isn't he doing what other monsters do, and why does he need Todd? I eagerly await more. Check it out.

Hopefully won't be too long before next time, fans. Tune in again soon.

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