June 1st, 2009, 6:00 am

Linko: Lazy Douchebag Fuckwad

There's not much to say in the news because I already talked a little bit about what my plans are for Linko Man these days in the Author Comment. That was really insensitive of me. The News probably feels totally cheated out of its rightful place. Well, it's about to get another disappointment: since I intend to crank out comics more often now, I will likely stop doing news posts for every single comic, or they will at least be much smaller and mostly without comic-praises. One a week minimum, probably.

I had a hard time picking a comic to praise, because my usual rules are to choose a comic that has lots of strips so that I can safely recommend it as a quality, worthwhile read, and I also like to give appreciation to such comics with a relatively small number of fans, ones that deserve more attention than they're getting - comics with loads and loads of fans, even good ones, don't need the help. Well, none of the regularly updated comics I've been watching lately apply to both of those rules. However, there is one that, while brand new, is one I can be sure will be exceptional and requires publicity: Halo: Rescue Group 1 by Smeagol92055.

The recently-returned Smeagol brings us a story of MacIntyre, a young soldier who aspires to be like the Spartan heroes in the wars during his childhood. What's going to happen? Fuck if I know. This comic is literally, like, days old. But Smeagol's unique former-military perspective, comedic intuition, sprite wizardry, and creativity have never disappointed before.

Does he make those Halo sprites himself? Did someone else make them and I never saw them published anywhere? Did Bungee make a Halo sprite game I didn't hear about? They're really good.

This is the closing statement. I would appreciate it if you would pretend it was witty.

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