The many faces that make up The Invulnerable Linko Man.


Linko started his life as L-16, a Metool as obedient and hardworking as any other, until he met Q-36, a fellow Metool who dreamed of greatness. L-16 continued his work, but began to wonder what life really should be about. After he was trashed, he was salvaged by Dr. Mario, who fixed him up, gave him free thought, and accidentally re-named him Linko. After Dr. Mario's death, Linko went into the world to carry on his father's wishes and protect humanity as Linko Man using a specialized super body. While still in Metool form, Linko is kind, gentle, yet shy and socially awkward. As Linko Man, however, the rush of power makes him gallant and couragious. His sprite is a prime example of the kind of "Dr. Frankenstein" spriter I really am, taking the parts I need from sprites and bringing them together into a custom creation.

The True Linko

Yup, that's me, Linko_16, 20/m/AZ. I've been a member of Video Game Chat since 2002 and have been spriting almost as long. I also hail from Zelda Power, though I haven't shared this recent project with them yet. I'm entering college this fall, where I'm afraid I'm still undecided. I've made five attempts at a comic, Linko Man included, and only two have been all that successful. I won't bother to explain myself much, but I am a pretty nice guy, so don't be afraid to get in touch with me, especially if I don't already know you and you'd like to comment on the comic. I'm not popular enough to hide from my fans.


Zerostar is a resident of Neo Yorkonia and Linko's first friend. They met by chance, but it seemed it was enough to form a bond of fate on their relationship. More on her will be added as her character develops.

The True Zerostar

Zerostar is the founder of our little spriting community on VGC (which has gone by many names, but is now known as "The Spriter's Block") and one of my oldest friends. We've shared our works with each other for ages, and this is her second appearance in one of my comics, though her first was a mere cameo. She's one of the nicest people I ever met... even as I grew up and got a little rough around the edges (like most of VGC is), she's always acted very kind and very cute.


Rufus is an old acquaintance of Zerostar's, who she met as a business major back in Neo Yorkonia University. After meeting Linko, ZS called on Rufus to assist them in starting his dream business, Stripe and Cross Industries. When Linko's secret life was revealed to him, Rufus became a trusted friend and ally to his battle for justice. Rufus was one of my most spontaneous creations, both as a character in the story, not already embedded in Linko Man lore like most other major characters, and as a sprite. His sprite was born of one of MMX6's Rescuable Reploids, sprites I had been admiring for a long time as MM-style characters who were more average-looking and less whored out. I'll no doubt be using more of them in the future, but they're a real challenge to diversify - even if you can force them out of that bent-over pose, you'll still have to put in some hard work to teach them to walk and do other custom actions.

Chief Armstrong

He's rough, he's tough, and he's chief of police for all of Neo Yorkonia. He's proud of his job and is plenty fair, but catch him on a bad day and you'll be sorry you fought the law. His sprite, obviously, is based on Duo of Mega Man 8, a choice I wasn't originally so keen on but it's worked out great. The only thing that still annoys me is that even though the right half of his body is different from his left, he doesn't have sprites specialized to face both ways, so that big arm of his keeps switching sides. Weird.

Neo Yorkonia News Network Team

Iris Cronkite (who, obviously, I named for the good Mr. Walter) reports on exciting events in the field with her faithful cameraman, Dan. She's a well-known face in Neo Yorkonia, and her broadcasts are very popular. Dan is greatful for his friendship with her, but due to their height differences, he sometimes has trouble getting the shot right. The true Iris was gracious enough to create that suit for her usual sprite, while Dan already looked the part and only needed a backwards cap, which all good cameramen should have. His camera is based on the canon from the Wonderswan adaption of Mega Man Battle Network.

The True Dan

I forget how long he's been a part of our spriting community, but he and another spriter named Linkman (no relation) run a comic called "That VG Chat Show," featuring all of us and our wacky adventures. He's the guy who convinced me to start "The Invulnerable Linko Man" and the main supporter of this comic. Just all-around a great guy and a good pal.

The True Iris

Iris arived on VGC by the name of "AmyRoseDaPinkHedgehog." She fit perfectly the archetype of "girl newb on the internet," vandalizing the English language, clamouring for attention, and spamming idiotic posts everywhere, particularly in the Sonic forum, where she once pledged to make the "new thread" link her homepage. A lot of people really hated her, but as the "nice mod" of VGC, I defended her and tried to teach her proper forum behavior. I like to think this made us pretty good pals from the start (and I hope we still are if she doesn't hate me for telling this story). Anyway, she shaped up and became another valued member of VGC, and at some point joined our sprite community. She doesn't produce any comics herself, but is quite a wizard with sprite customization.

Dr. Mario

After working for a time as a top physician, Dr. Mario went on to explore many branches of science, including robotics. With this knowledge he gave L-16 another chance at life. He was a jolly, loveable man all the way up to his peaceful death. His wheelchair is based on the wheel boar enemies of Mega Man X2. It took a little doctoring (SO FUNNY) to get him to sit down, but, not too tough.

Dr. Lunko

In his days as a young, ordinary Metool, L-16 met Q-36, an unusual fellow worker who asked him a lot of curious questions in a way no other Metool did. Linko always remembered Q-36 as the one who sparked free thought in his small, unsophisticated mind. However, after he was reborn and started his life as a super hero, Linko was reunited with Q-36, who had also been reborn as the great scientist Dr. Lunko. However, Linko became aware of Dr. Lunko's plan to overthrow humanity for their oppression of Metools, and despite Dr. Lunko's invitation to Linko to join him in the freeing of his fellow Metools, Linko refused him and they found themselves on opposite sides of the emerging war. Lunko was an idea born years ago as par request of Dan for me to create a negative opposite to Linko for a sprite project he intended to do. It was a relatively easy conversion to do: I replaced the blue-and-green color scheme with purple-and-black, and I replaced the feathered wings with bat wings. The project Dan had in mind never made it, but we both hung onto Lunko's sheet and he eventually saw the light of day in That VGC Show, first as an auditioning cast member and again during a journey to the Land of Grim. Then came Linko Man, and when I needed a villain character, the choice was obvious. His body is that of Gate's scientist form from MMX6, whose boss form, coincidentally, is also get Linko Man's cape from.


Lydia is a Russian Metool who nearly threw herself away when she became an obsolete worker, but she was saved and befriended by a young, frail waif named Oleg. As they lived together over the years, Lydia fell in love with Oleg, but he could not feel the same way because she was only a Metool. When he brought home a woman, Lydia became confused and enraged, and killed them both. Fleeing in terror from what she had done, she met Dr. Lunko, who took her in, gave her a body and recruited her for his group of Metool Renegades. Lydia's sprite was a fairly simple patch job, created from a recolored Metool head, recolored MMX4 Zero hair, and a MM8 Proto Man body with minor feminine edits. I regret not making any special edits to her head, as I have with all other major Metool characters, and may sneak something in before her next appearance.


Hermes is the first of Dr. Lunko's special enforcers, a fast, cocky and dangerous Metool who is equipped with powerful jets and an electrically-charged sabre specially made to bypass a Metool's invulnerable armor and fry its inner hardware. On Dr. Lunko's orders, he lead a Metool army to lay siege on Neo Yorkonia, only to be thwarted by Linko Man, returning to Dr. Lunko in failure. Hermes's sprite was one of my most ambitions Frankensteins, made up of a heavily edited Metool head, QuickMan.EXE's body, wings from the body of a Dash viris from MMBN, and a sword whose prongs came from the RingZap rabbit viruses also from MMBN. It was quite a delight to create and I'm really pleased with it.

Members of the Robot Mafia

Don't think for a second that this is the entire robot mafia, an expansive underground network of organized crime. Here we have Chief (top), which is not a title, but his actual name, as he is programmed to be a natural leader (if only he didn't use his powers for evil). Shozbot (right) is the muscle of this three-man squad... I actually darkened his sprite a shade or two and gave him a black outline so he'd fit in better with the others. Last is Shortround (left), who's a tech specialist and mans the BFR, the name of which is based loosely on the "BFG," a very powerful gun in Doom, which stands for "Big Fucking Gun." BFR, of course, stands for "Big Fucking Rider"... there may very well be bigger riders to come, so I'll have to think of a creative new name (RBFR?).

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