About the Comic

New readers, I highly suggest you at least read through this very first section; this comic was not originally meant for public eyes and a bit of background will help you understand.
All this started many years ago back on my old forum, Video Game Chat, where I'm known as "Linko_16." There we have a small sprite community, in which there was once a "party" thread, where we all pretended we were at some party, just being wild and crazy. One such occurance involved the theft of our party's beer supply, to which I replied:
Stolen beer? Sounds like a job for...
*tears off clothing to reveal colorful tights*


Thus Linko Man was first heard from as some kind of superhero version of myself. As the gag resurfaced from time to time in that party thread, he took on new elements... for instance, many superheros have a sort of prefix to their names, such as the Amazing Spider-Man or the Incredible Hulk. Linko Man was not yet supposed to be based on my sprite form (which is that little blue and green Metool seen in the comic, the same sprite I've used forever), but since the Metool has always been an icon of mine on the board, Linko Man became "The Invulnerable Linko Man," based on a Metool's invulnerable helmet. His secret identity, Linko, was the handsome billionaire CEO of Stripe and Cross Industries, a previously-existing joke of the party thread, the name of which was based on the stripe and cross on a Metool's helmet. Our party threads were always littered with Stripe and Cross brand pizzas, Stripe and Cross brand motorbikes, Stripe and Cross brand water canons, and whatever else anybody could think of.
As time passed, I eventually had an idea for Linko Man, which resulted in the following comic:
It was originally a teaser for a series I never ended up doing, a comedic bit starring Linko Man with his first ever sprite form, alongside all my friends from that spriting community. It never took off mainly because I didn't have any ideas for it; although the sudden notion of how to give Linko Man a sprite form inspired me to do this much, I wasn't about to waste my time doing strips if I didn't have a good story.
A particular member of our sprite community, Dan, who I like to think looks up to me in a "senpai" kind of way, has bugged me ever since to continue with Linko Man comics. For a long time I ignored him because I didn't feel up to it... every comic I've tried so far has been a sham. Finally, however, after one too many begs from Dan, I decided to give it some serious thought.
The result is before you. For a time I wrestled with myself, trying to decide whether I wanted the comic to be mainly funny or mainly serious... I eventually sided with seriousness, though I can't help but make anything of mine a little funny. I think that, perhaps, this will be my first successful comic because it's got more support than the others. Everyone from my sprite community is really, really pleased with what I produce. I'm also more driven to churn this stuff out because I feel that I've got some great ideas which I can't wait to get on the table.
I'm not promising it'll go on forever because I don't know how long I can be creative. This'll be no Bob and George, finally calling it quits after seven years of awesome (props to Dave, one of my many inspirations from the beginning). Right now I'm going to slog my way through one major plotline, then see what I want to do. If you're from my VGC sprite community, then thanks as always for the support and encouragement. If you've found this comic of your own means, then I sure hope you enjoy The Invulnerable Linko Man. Please, leave a comment and let me know how I'm doing.

Thank Yous

I'd like to start by thanking everyone in my spriting community on VGC. You're all some of the most wonderful friends I've had, and if I didn't have a loyal audience like you guys, I'd have never gotten this far with my sprite work.
I'd also like to thank a few people who specifically have had a hand in Linko Man's creation and vitality. First of all, thanks big time to ZeroStar for birthing The Spriter's Block. Without you and the community you created to always enjoy my work, I'd've never become the accomplished spriter I fool myself into thinking I am today. Your support means so much to me. Thanks for always staying sweet.
Thanks to Dan for always being my #1 fan, the one who hounded me into creating this comic in the first place. Without you, there'd be no Linko Man comic, and I might've abandoned spriting for good, having not made any comics in quite a while before I started this up. It's thanks to your badgering that I've finally created a sprite comic people besides my close friends actually read.
Thanks to Chris, who always helps me out of a jam when I've been pulling my hair out over html/css work and faulty animation programs. Without him, this site would look like shit, and many fine animation projects of mine would've gone to waste.
Now for you kings of sprites out there who deserve my eternal gratitude. Thanks to all videogame developers whose sprites we use, mainly Capcom, not only for the excellent games they've blessed us with, but also for letting everyone use their sprites and not suing us.
Thanks very much to the hard working sprite rippers who make all this pixellated beauty available to us. My gratitude specificly goes out to Sprites Inc., The Shy Guy Kingdom, The Spriter's Resource, The People's Sprites, The Sprite Database, The Background HQ.
And thanks most of all to my inspirations for spriting. Without them, I never would've known of such a fun way to flesh out some of the cool stories I'd always formed in my head about my favorite videogame characters. These adored comics include:
Bob and George - Nothing needs to be said for this giant.
The Ruby Red - A little-known comic that I found, which came out when spriting was still young. Though it contains elements no longer allowed, such as a full cast of recolors and an active author character, I implore you to read it's relatively short archive and relish the way things used to be. I'll always remember it fondly.
Life of Wily - Though it's popularity has always been dwarfed by Bob and George, it's every bit as good. Too bad it ended so much sooner.
That's My Sonic! - Showed the spriting world that it didn't always have to be about Mega Man. Also had a spastic sense of humor unique to any other comic at the time. Nothing on Fireball20XL will ever be quite like it. The link will take you to a basic directory, but don't be scared, that's just how it seems to be hosted nowadays.
8-Bit Theatre - Also an early pioneer in non-Mega-Man sprite comics (dunno if it came before or after TMS!, neither of their early comics have dates on them), it's the only one on this list that's still alive and kicking ass and will probably outlive Bob and George, making it the longest-running sprite comic to my knowledge. This is actually more of an honorable mention than anything, because although I love it, I didn't start reading until a little bit ago when I was already a practiced spriter, so it can't be called one of my inspirations.
Kid Radd - THE most original sprite comic EVER. I only wish I could make something even close to this. Many people hate sprite comics because, essentially, the author using characters and images which are not theirs, and they usually do not bother coming up with original ideas. Those people would have nothing to complain about with Kid Radd... you'll have to read it to see what I mean. It's actually not very well known at all, so definitely read it if you haven't heard of it. A warning to first-time readers: be patient with that "Next" button until you're sure the entire animation has been completed. You'll see what I mean.


Here's where I thank everyone whose sprites I borrowed for this comic. I'd like to keep this area as small as possible, as I prefer to rely on my own sprite work
Thanks to ZeroStar, author of Filler: the Space Killer and The VGMT (Video Game Multiverse Tavern) whose custom sheet I use to play herself in the comic.
Thanks to Dan, a.k.a. Dystorce, who's a co-author at That VG Chat Show. He gave me his custom sheet to cameo as NYNN's camera man. I edited it minorly, only to give him the hat.
Thanks to Iris, who edited her usual sheet and gave herself a business suit just so she could cameo in my comic as Iris Cronkite.
Thanks to Lord of Nightmares for the Samus Doll in ZS's apartment, which can be found on The People's Sprites.
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